Debt Collection


Our firm specializes in international debt collection for more than fifteen years. Our mission and focusis to do for our clients the utmost for an expeditious debt collection which incurs the least expense possible. We believe that the majority of the debtors want to take care of their financial obligations as soon as possible in order to avoid legal proceedings which will result into extra expenses, discomfort and embarrassment.

As experts we use techniques and strategies in accordance with the regulations and laws concerning debt collection practices. Our staff is experienced and capable to deal with the most difficult and complicated cases. We have consulting services available for our clients and we contact them regularly. We inform them concerning the progress of their case while being constantly in touch with them since co-operation with the client is the cornerstone for efficient debt collection.

In our firm we believe that a personal visit to the debtor is very effective. Therefore, our staff or our local partners around the world are well trained to visit debtors aiming to resolve the whole issue. We are members of the Credit Services Association of UK (CSA) and of the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC)  based in the U.S.A. Moreover, we are members of important legal networks such as Multilaw and World-link for lawyers  

Our experienced lawyers have excellent knowledge of the permissible collection practices , available in domestic and international law which places us in an advantageous position over the various collection agencies. A debtor is more likely to take into consideration a lawyer over anyone else.

Our guiding principle is a ‘no collection, no fee’ service for all kinds of cases up to the stage where legal proceedings commence. It should be emphasized that any collection of a debt through litigation is the last resort after all other reasonable efforts have failed. Moreover, we advise our clients before any legal proceedings commence if it is worthwhile for the creditor to file a legal action against a debtor and if it is realistic to expect that any Court judgment issued will be executed.

Our Procedures

1. Introduction and Consulting Services

The first step is to meet personally with the client - creditor or if the client is abroad via telephone in order to gather all the relevant information.

After consultation we inform our clients of our procedures and advice them on the best and fastest approach to recover their debt.

2. Amicable Negotiations

After gathering all the information we proceed to the next step.

 Our private investigator and our team learn as much as possible regarding the debtor in order to form what is known as ‘debtors profile’. If the debtor is a company we will verify the company’s financial status and its credibility in the market.

We engage in telephone negotiations with the debtor and stay engaged with follow up calls. Then if necessary we will send  letters to the debtor and  reminders either by fax or email.

The client is kept apprisedthroughout the progress of the case. 

All the above are completed within one or two months, depending on the facts of the case. If the debtor is not willing to reach an amicable solution we will contact our client and discuss the merits of the case. During this communication we advise our client on to how to proceed. We consider the following three options:

• Legal centric negotiation; 
• Litigation;
• Closing of the case.

3. Legal Centric Negotiations  

At this stage we send a warning letter to the debtor and reminders either by fax or email.

We maintain the telephone negotiations with the debtor and follow up calls. If the above actions have no result, then a personal visit to the debtor will follow. We believe that personal visits are very efficient. Thus, our staff or our local partners around the world (especially in the Balkans, Greece, Middle East and Russia) are well trained to visit debtors in order to solve the whole issue.

If the debt is not yet recovered, we send a final legal notice and a rejoinder.

All the above are completed within a period of one to two months depending always on the circumstances of each case. If we have not reached a solution up until this point then the next step would be to proceed with litigation or closure of the case.

4. Litigation

If we decide with the client to start legal proceedings against the debtor we immediately file our claim at the relevant Court. In cases where it is pertinent, we file an interim order against the debtor’s immovable property or freeze the debtor’s accounts in order to secure our claim. Usually with the use of our private investigator we know from the outset if the debtor has any movable or immovable property. During the Court procedure a last attempt for an out-of-court settlement will be made.

5. Enforcement- Collection of the Judgement

If the debtor refuses to pay the debt or the costs arising from the judgment the following procedures can be used to effect execution:

a) Issuance of writ of movables;
b) Issuance of writ of delivery;
c) Issuance of writ of immovables;
d) Bankruptcy proceedings;
e) Garnishee proceedings.