The Cyprus Stock Exchange – LEI Codes circular


The Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) has issued a circular on 10 May 2017 stating that due to the imminent implementation of the new European Directive MiFID II, which governs European Capital Markets, the CSE, as Trading Venue, will be required to send to the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) information concerning its Market, including the LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) code held by its Listed Issuers.

The circular states that it is mandatory that Listed Issuers inform the CSE of their LEI code, producing at the same time the official document by which they have obtained the code. Listed Issuers that have not yet obtained the said code must immediately apply to obtain the code from the relevant providers.

Additionally, it is stated in the circular that as of 7 October 2016, the Stock Exchange has entered into an agreement / cooperation with the London Stock Exchange (LSE / Unavista) for the supply of LEI codes to interested legal entities (Members, Issuers, Market Players and their clients), through the Assisted Registration process.

All Listed Issuers are required to obtain a LEI code by 25 May 2017.

In addition to the LEI code, Listed Issuers must also hold the FISN (Financial Instrument Short Name) code, which can be obtained from the relevant providers. It is noted that the CSE is in the process of preparing a system for the provision of these codes as well and, upon completion, codes will be issued to all Listed Issuers (free of charge).

Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC is a nominated advisor of CSE (NOMAD) and we can assist you in obtaining the LEI codes from the CSE.

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