Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC undertakes the representation of applicants for national or international patent applications and also for the validation of granted European patents in Cyprus. The firm serves clients mostly from USA, China, Turkey, France, Germany, UK, France, Sweden and Italy.

Cyprus entered the European Patent Organization (EPO) in December 1997, and became a member of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). On 1st April 1998, the new Patent Law of Cyprus was enacted as Law No. 16(I)/1998 and amending laws. With the new Law, the Cyprus Patent Law was adjusted to meet present day requirements.

Cyprus is a party to the Madrid Agreement and Protocol and PCT through which international patent or trademark applications are recorded in Cyprus.

Infringement: An infringement action is tried by the district court in the district where the cause of action arose. An appeal may be made to the Supreme Court in its appellate capacity. The court may also issue an injunction. Proceedings may not be instituted more than five years after the infringing act.

As Cyprus has a common law system, the courts are bound by previous decisions issued by the Cyprus and UK courts in cases covering similar issues. The common law provides for the condition precedent, which states that the lower courts are bound by the previous case law of the higher courts and must follow those decisions.

Our firm's lawyers who specialise in Intellectual Property, undertake the representation of applicants for National, International or European patent applications and also for the validation of granted European Patents in Cyprus.