Constantina Kahileli



Athens Telephone: +30.210.338.70.60

Financial Affairs

Diploma Business Administration, Greece

Constantina Kahileli is the Financial Administrator of the office in Athens and her responsibilities include, amongst other aspects, the observance of the company's procedures for the submission of the company's financial statements, handling liquidation orders, checking invoices for payment of the company's expenses, issuing of payment orders in the name of the beneficiaries, keeping records of transactions in the appropriate accounting books, checking the validity of each expenditure and maintaining a full record of receipts and payments made.

She also carries out the role of the Human Resources Officer of the Athens office and deals with all issues related to the management of human resources in the office, including but not limited to performance evaluation, training, recruitment, promotions. She monitors the skills and abilities of existing employees and provides a forecast of human resources needs based on the present time period, to ensure the smooth operations by the office staff.