Our administration and secretarial department is trained to provide our clients with the following high-standard corporate services:

  • Provision of corporate or individual director(s) in Cyprus and other jurisdictions;
  • Provision of secretary;
  • Provision of corporate or individual nominee shareholder(s) under trust agreement;
  • Provision of registered office;
  • Provision of virtual office.

Provision of director(s):

We can provide our clients with either a corporate body or a physical person (or both) to act as director. Depending on whether the client wishes to be part of the director structure, either one or more Cypriot directors must be incorporated, as the majority of directors must be Cypriot in order for the company to be considered Cypriot.

Provision of secretary:

Our law firm can also provide our clients with a corporate or individual secretary. The secretary of the company is always an experienced member of our firm or our fiduciary company. This way, we are enabled to prepare the Minute Book of the company and maintain it in good standing.

Provision of nominee shareholder(s):

We are also able to act as nominees on behalf of the beneficial owner of a company by holding shares of a company in trust. We can appoint either a corporate body or a physical person. As nominees, we manage the company with the approval and consent of the beneficial owner.

When holding the shares in trust on behalf of the beneficial owner, we guarantee, at the same time, the highest possible level of confidentiality. We treat all information provided by the beneficial owner as strictly confidential.

The appointment of a nominee shareholder under a trust agreement prohibits the disclosure of any information about the beneficial owner to any governmental institution, including the Registrar of Companies.

The personal details of the beneficial owner, however, require the opening of an account with a Cypriot Bank. However, this information will not be disclosed to any other institutions.

Provision of registered office:

Among other services lies the provision of a registered office for the delivery of mail and other documents. All received documentation can either be forwarded to the beneficial owner or kept in the company's file for personal collection.  

Provision of virtual office:

It is also possible for us to arrange for the company to have its own telephone and fax line. This way, the company's presence in Cyprus becomes even stronger. All telephone calls and faxes are received by our experienced staff and they, in turn, inform the client accordingly upon the receipt of a call or fax.

All above mentioned services are handled through our administration and secretarial staff. A description of the administration and secretarial services we provide follows for the reader's better knowledge.

Administration and Secretarial Services:

Our administration and secretarial team is supported by a number of consultants, each one specialized in a different field of practice.

Our team focuses on two main concerns:

  •  First, to ensure that our clients' companies are in compliance with the current legislation. Our team ensures that company's records are maintained and that all statutory documents are completed, signed and filed in a timely manner.
  •  Second, to ensure that our clients' internal targets are met. Clients run on a tight schedule and can, sometimes, have high demands. We are here to ensure that all these demands are fully met. A deadline for the client is a deadline for us.

Our administration services consist of the following main activities:

  • Preparing and holding meetings of directors and shareholders;
  • Preparing and arranging for certifications (notarisations) and legalization (apostille) of various documents within a short timeframe (one to two working days maximum);
  • Maintaining the statutory records and registers of the company;
  • Preparing and filing with the Registrar of Companies any necessary forms to notify the Registrar for any changes in the company structure;
  • Arranging for the issuing of various certificates from the Registrar of Companies;
  • Conducting full company searches at the Registrar of Companies;
  • Allocating and operating bank account(s) with either Cypriot or foreign banks and acting as the authorized signatories of the account(s) with the client's consent.

Allocating bank accounts and appointing bank signatories:

A company may own one or more corporate bank accounts in any currency with a Cyprus bank or a foreign one.

Cyprus banks can offer internet banking and fax trading by using the security token device, which generates a unique number each time the client wishes to perform a transaction. Security token devices are issued at the request of the client. Debit cards can also be issued and be connected to the company's account provided that a fixed amount is secured in the account.