Kiriaki Ioannou



Limassol Telephone: +357.2536.36.85

Corporate Affairs

Business Administration Intercollege, Cyprus

Mrs. Kiriaki Ioannou obtained her degree in Business Administration from Intercollege, Limassol, Cyprus in 2003.

She has been with our firm since 2008 and her area of expertise is the registration of companies with the Cypriot Registrar of Companies and the overall administration of groups of companies, including the opening of bank accounts as well as the registration of companies with local authorities, such as the Social insurance Department and the VAT Department.

She is responsible for the smooth and efficient running of companies, including the preparation of letters, resolutions, bank forms, registrar forms, court applications and affidavits, among others.

Mrs. Ioannou is also involved in the registration of Associations with the Registrar of Associations and in the merge of companies and the re-domiciliation of companies from the Republic of Cyprus to other jurisdictions. 

 In addition, she is also responsible for registering and the administration of companies in the territory of the British Virgin Islands.