Dr. Panayiotis Yiannopoulos



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Dispute Resolution and Arbitration


Dr. Yiannopoulos is admitted before the Supreme Courts of Greece (Areios Pagos, Council of State, Council of Audit). He holds an LL.M. Degree on Private International Law and Civil Procedure and Doctorate Degree in International Litigation. Before joining Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC on 2016, Dr. Yiannopoulos worked with the litigation departments of top tier Kyriakides – Georogopoulos and Calavros & Partners Law Firms reaching partner grade in both and acted as managing Partner for a boutique law firm focusing in litigation and arbitration.

He has represented numerous, major international and local companies before the Greek Courts and arbitral boards.

He has taught Private International Law and Civil Procedure at a number of Greek Academic Institutions. Since 2007 he teaches Civil Procedure at the Faculty of Law of Democritian University of Thrace. On 2011 he was elected as Senior Lecturer of Civil Procedure at the same University.

Dr. Yiannopoulos acts as Country Expert for Greece at The International Distribution Institute and as a member of the Board of Editors of the law journal, Review of Civil Procedure and a member of the Board of Contributors of the journal Chronicles of Private Law.

He speaks Greek, English, French and German.

Related publications

Dr. Yiannopoulos is particularly active in scholarship writing. He has published eight books in various aspects of International Law and Civil Procedure and is author of more than fifty articles and 200 notes to court judgments. He has also contributed to Commentaries of the Greek Civil Code, the Greek Code of Civil Procedure, the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Child and EU Regulation 2201/2003.

Author: Principal publications and essays:

  • Arbitration, Corruption and Public Policy Exception; procedural aspects of nullity of corrupted contracts and contracts tainted by corruption in the context of international arbitration, 2016, p. 390;
  • Attorney fees under the New Code on Legal Profession (L. 4194/2013) and their procedural protection, 2016, p. 413;
  • Amendments of the arrest report and the initial biding price in the context of forced auction proceedings, 2013, Sakkoulas S.A., Athens – Thessaloniki, p. 170;
  • Contributor of the interpretation of arts. 117-143 GCCP (service of judicial documents) , in Prof. Calavros/Prof. Stamatopoulos, Commentary of the Greek Code of Civil Procedure, (under publication);
  • Third party’s intervention estoppel effect (interventionswirkung) after the Greek Code of Civil Procedure, 2010, p. 310;
  • Contributor of the interpretation of arts. 480-495 GCC (joint and severable obligations) in: Prof. Apostolos Georgiades, Brief Commentary of the Greek Code of Civil Procedure, P.N. Sakkoulas – Law & Finance, 2010;
  • Creditor’s provisional relief in exequatur proceedings after Regulation 44/2001, 2007, Sakkoulas S.A, Athens – Thessaloniki, p. 236 +XIV;
  • Affidavits as mean of evidence in Greek Civil Procedure, 2005, Sakkoulas S.A., Athens – Thessaloniki, p. 274;
  • Recognition of foreign non contentious Judgments in Greece, 2003, p. 407 (Ph.D. Thesis); ( DUTH, summa cum laude), 2003, Ant. N. Sakkoulas eds. p. 453.
  • Scope of application and principles of interpretation of the United Nations Convention on International Sales of Goods, 2000, p. 118 (LL.M. Thesis, AUTH; summa cum laude).

Short articles and commentaries to jurisprudence:

Dr. Yiannopoulos has also published more than 20 short articles on various topics of Civil Procedure, International Litigation and Conflict of Laws and more than 200 notes and commentaries to jurisprudence, published at Athens Bar Law Review (Nomikon Vima), Thessaloniki Bar Law Review (Armenopoulos), Dike Law Review, Hellenic European Law Review, Chronicles of Private Law and Revue of Civil Procedure.